TGI and ACCL Leads Consultation On Covid-19 Vaccines

TGI and ACCL accelerated discussions with staff regarding the COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca, which was recently approved and given the greenlight to rollout globally by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On February 25, 2021, the company facilitated a virtual educational session geared towards enlightening participants on how the vaccine works and to increase their awareness about other brands available with the associated WHO approval.

Two (2) medical professionals were on hand to guide employees through a presentation on the similarities and differences of the vaccines along with the benefits of being vaccinated. As well, to address all employees COVID-19 related questions and/concerns.

Over 100 persons were in attendance eager to learn about the vaccine AstraZeneca, which is currently being rolled out in Barbados.

Attendees were appreciative of the session and noted that it was very informative and well timed. They also thanked the company for its prompt response in providing early consultation and even made recommendations for a future session to be held to educate members of their families.