bestpractice-smallTCL Guyana Inc. (TGI) Portland Pozzolan Cement is guaranteed factory fresh and is undisputedly the best cement in Guyana for your construction needs.

Among the advantages of using TGI Portland- Pozzolan are easier workability, lower risk of cracking, and higher long term strengths. TGI Portland-Pozzolan cement also gives a mortar and concrete cement mixture with lower porosity, creating concrete that is thicker in texture and therefore less permeable. This prevents entry of destructive substances.

Portland-Pozzolan Cement is also more environmentally-friendly as the production of this type of cement results in lower emissions of carbon dioxide than the production of Ordinary Portland Cement, primarily through the replacement of a portion of the clinker (the intermediate raw material in the production of cement) with a naturally occurring material known as ‘Pozzolan’. Indeed, the production of Portland- Pozzolan Cement can result in a 25% reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions as compared to the level generated in the production of Ordinary Portland Cement. The production of Portland-Pozzolan cement is therefore compatible with a low carbon approach to development.

The product also meets the requirements of ASTM C-595 and BS EN Standards. TCL is also ISO 9001 : 2015 (Quality Management System) certified.