The TCL management always exerts willingness and enthusiasm towards their customers, ensuring that they are well-informed of the correct usage of cement. But it’s not just about them providing information and ensuring its uses are correct or just wanting to sell their products to customers. We the customers do get to express our opinions on TCL’s products and services.
Quick Int’l Concrete Works

TGI Pozzolan Cement is undoubtedly the best quality product in the market with virtually zero complaints from our customers. Way to go, guys!
David Persaud Investments Ltd, Le Resouvenir ECD Guyana

We are pleased to be associated with TCL Guyana Inc. (TGI) as both a shareholder and a customer. Our association with the product and continued business investment has proven to be a successful partnership. The customer service and efficiency experienced at TCL Guyana Inc. is parallel to none and we hold this relationship with high esteem. TGI’s customer service is of a kind nature…we always feel welcomed and appreciated as a customer. Ongoing feedback from end users of TGI cement relates that the product is of the highest quality, the preferred brand, stands up to the weather and gets the job done right every time!
Anral Investment Limited